At the University of Chicago, ob/gyn residency program a wealth of scholarly opportunities exist.    In addition to hands on clinical training, operative skills development and multiple teaching sessions including lecture and conferences, our residents are required to participate in a number of scholarly exercises. The purpose of these exercises is to expose our residents to all aspects of the specialty and to broadly expand the learning model.

Monthly Journal Club
All residents present in our monthly journal club.  This allows them to critically analyze ongoing research in the field.  There are general departmental journal clubs.  In addition, individual ob/gyn divisions within the department also host these journal reviews. 

Evidence-Based Medicine Symposium
All residents participate in the Evidence-Based Medicine symposium.  This yearly exercise is conducted each spring with our PGY2 residents and supervised by a leading authority in EBM.  Recently, Dr David Grimes has been our guest moderator.  Residents who participate in this exercise learn to critically assess the evidence that supports general ob/gyn medical  practices

Research Projects
All residents conduct and present research projects.  Due to our location on the University campus, our residents have numerous collaborative partner options.  Residents conduct a wide range of research including prospective studies, retrospective reviews, metaanalyses, cost based analyses and  lab-based projects.  Our residents are limited only by their own objectives,since there are resources to foster their interests, including basic lectures on research, faculty mentorship, and funding for project needs such as statistical support through the health studies department.  Many of the resident projects are published in peer reviewed journals and presented at societal meetings. 

Grand Rounds Presentation
All residents also present a grand rounds topic of their choice prior to graduation. These presentations are of the highest caliber.